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The Rebirth of a Classic

A bygone beauty is back as Jaguar Land Rover Classic recently announced its Jaguar E-Type Reborn—a new take on a timeless tourer. The limited-edition lineup will be built from original Series 1 E-Type examples curated by Jaguar Classic, an extension... Continue Reading →

Three of Milan’s Most Essential Men’s Bespoke Tailors

Italy’s moda capital, Milan, is unquestionably synonymous with style, but while you might think of menswear in the city strictly in terms of fashion week, its sartorial identity runs deeper than its high-profile runway shows. The metropolis is home to... Continue Reading →

Three Must-Visit Bespoke Tailors in Paris

The City of Lights is a destination for lovers, gourmands, and—of course—the style savvy, but while there are numerous destinations for women’s haute couture, it is harder to locate uniquely Parisian high-caliber bespoke tailoring for men. To help you navigate... Continue Reading →

Men’s Fashion Week Milan? Really? Pass the Crack Pipe Please!

I always get a chuckle or more out of seeing what garbage the "Top Designers" try to pawn off as fashion for men every year in Milan, Italy. What a joke, I guess it's done so over the top as... Continue Reading →

E.J. Dalius & Saivian International Executive Team Come on Down!

Saivian International wins the Inimitable Style Best Dressed International Startup Award.

The 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Mel Haber (RIP)

So farewell my friend, it was truly an honor and privilege to know you.

Rick Caruso and Caruso Affiliated Staff Come on Down!

Rick Caruso I award you the Inimitable Style "Best Dressed Businessman" award of 2017.

Mayor Eric Garcetti Come On Down!

For the 3rd straight year in a row  I award you the "Best Dressed Politician" award! Looking good there Major! Four more years then Governor? Ok so Rick Caruso looks more Presidential but he's been one of the best dressed... Continue Reading →

Donald J. Frump

Donald should look presidential and just doesn't, I'm sorry Mr. President, I'm not just bagging on you for fun here. You just need to step it up a few notches. Fire your tailor because he/she sucks.  Your sons, even Baron... Continue Reading →

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