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April 2016

Worst Fashion Tips For Men – Business Insider

Even if well-intentioned, the wrong fashion tips can sabotage your style. A recent Reddit men's fashion thread asked "what is bad clothing advice that people give?" We selected some of our favorites. 1. "As long as the shirt fits at... Continue Reading →

10 Style Rules To Live By – Ten Timeless Fashion Guidelines For Men

People often ask me what MY personal style rules are. This is hard – as what they are really asking is: Antonio – can you tell me exactly what to do so I don’t have to think about it.  ... Continue Reading →

The Best Designer Men’s Sneakers For Fall 2016 | Footwear News

If you fancy yourself a sneaker collector, the luxury market will have a number of swoon-worthy styles to pick from next season. From bigwigs such as Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo, to more emerging brands such as Palm Angels and... Continue Reading →

Your Workwear Cheat Sheet for the Office

There are two timeless struggles when it comes to work attire: (1) how to have fun with fashion when the office dress code requires pantyhose and (2) how to look sharp—but not too stand-out-from-the-crowd—when you’re not ready to ruffle any... Continue Reading →

Changes at Calvin Klein Could Redefine American Fashion – The New York Times

American fashion may be about to experience its biggest redefinition in decades. On Tuesday, in yet another example of the upheaval in the fashion world (Hedi out at YSL! Dior still without a designer! Men’s wear in turmoil!) Calvin Klein... Continue Reading →

Bankers in the Age of Bernie: Do They Need Camouflage? – The New York Times

He came, he lost, but his rhetoric continues. I am speaking, of course, of Senator Bernie Sanders, who may have ceded the Democratic primary in New York to Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, but who has made a very visible part... Continue Reading →

What Women Really Think of Your Trendy Menswear

It can't be argued; we've reached peak menswear. Well, it can be argued, but then you'd be ignoring the thousands of blog pages dedicated to pocket squares, the miles-long lines outside Supreme, the peacock parade on Instagram, and the many... Continue Reading →

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