American fashion may be about to experience its biggest redefinition in decades. On Tuesday, in yet another example of the upheaval in the fashion world (Hedi out at YSL! Dior still without a designer! Men’s wear in turmoil!) Calvin Klein announced that its men’s and women’s wear creative directors of more than a decade, Italo Zucchelli and Francisco Costa, were leaving the company, to facilitate a “new global creative strategy.” Both lines, as well as all the other categories of the business — presumably including jeans, underwear, fragrance and others — would be united under one “vision,” with said visionary to be named “in due course.” The company declined to say what that course would be, though it did say that the men’s collection in June and the women’s in September would be done by the in-house creative team, and that they would not be shown on the runway. The Calvin reorganization had been rumored since the end of last year, along with the now-much-repeated-as-fact speculation that Raf Simons, the former artistic director of Dior, was in line for the job.

Source: Changes at Calvin Klein Could Redefine American Fashion – The New York Times