Rick Caruso I award you the Inimitable Style “Best Dressed Businessman” award of 2017. You’ve got style Sir and nobody does it better than you! My hat is off to you! I’ve followed this gentleman now since I landed in the West Coast real estate industry back in 1988. Not only has he amased one of the finest portfolios of the finest commercial real estate on the planet, he’s simply a man who exudes class and style. If a narcissist like me could ever have an idol it would be you!

Rick Caruso and Family

Here he is with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti who just won a hat trick’s worth of “Best Dressed Politician” awards from “An Inimitable Style.”


I loved this article Rick wrote on LinkedIn back in December of 2015 and came to his defense in the comments when he we attacked by some clueless posters. Get a grip and do yourselves a favor if you disagree with him…read the above link and learn! Good taste never goes out of style and it apparently does rub off because one look through the profiles of his 200+ employee’s profiles¬†attests to that fact. So with that in mind I do hereby award the Inimitable Style “Best Dressed Company” award of 2017 to the staff of Caruso Affiliated.

Caruso Affiliated Staff