You guys get the Best Dressed International Startup Award. I’ve been watching you now for almost 2 years as you grown from your first little group of associates to now over 450,000 worldwide associates in I lost track of how many countries….30? 35? I’ve seen how hard you folks have worked day in and day out virtually 24 hours a day as you’ve always got one of your regions coming online as another goes to sleep. I’ve witnessed first hand your exponential growth and it’s been a pleasure to do so! You guy’s are always dressed perfectly for every occassion!


It’s not hard to figure give the example shown by your President, E.J. Dalius who’s always been a impecible dresser for any occasion in the years I’ve known him. Here he is looking sharp with his family during a recent photo shoot.

President E.J. Dalius and Family

Talk about a good looking and successful family! They’ve recently moved to Los Angeles from suburban Pennsylvania and have integrated very well into the #DTLA, #USC and #DowntownLive communities and now settling into the Manhattan Beach area.

The Saivian executive team has been flying all over the globe in a state of the art G-650 and E.J. Dalius made history last month when he paid for a brand new Lamborghini entirely with Bitcoins!

L-R  Ryan Evans, Grant Cardone, E.J. Dalius, Mike Kim

Whether formal, business casual or resort casual E.J. is always spot on with his wardrobe depending on the occassion and or event. Just look at where and what these dynamos have been up to! No matter where they go it’s always the best of the best for them and everyone associated with them!

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Whenever I think of E.J. this quote by W. Sommerset Maugham comes to mind:

It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.