I always get a chuckle or more out of seeing what garbage the “Top Designers” try to pawn off as fashion for men every year in Milan, Italy. What a joke, I guess it’s done so over the top as to get accolades for pushing the envelope but I say step away from the sewing table and pass the glass dick these people have obviously been smoking or more likely no more 4-way windowpane for you Fernando. I mean, you really can’t be serious right? Right?

fashSomebody tell me these are from the new “National Lampoon Goes to Men’s Fashion Week movie….please?  I really want to grab a baseball bat and “Bing” these sarcastic con artists for thinking anyone is going toi wear shit like this.

Wood House - Presentation - New York Fashion Week: Men's S/S 2017

Umm this is attractive eh?? I thought being light in the loafers as it were meant you had good taste. I support everyone’s right to love anyone they so choose, marry them if they wish and have survivors rights but surely these twinks got ahold of some good opiated Thai stick and are not sharing with the rest of the class.


I suggest they look up Jim Jones’ Kool Aid recipe for next years refreshments beverage.