Pretty Snazzy for 1st Grade

Always a with french cuffs, white linen pocket square, wingtip shoes kept in suede bags with wooden shoe trees, fine leather accessories on his dresser. During winter he’d wear fine Irish tweeds, Italian cashmere and winter wools. Summers he’s bring out the seersuckers, linens and khakis. His wardrobe was small but exacting and the finest he could afford. I went to private/Catholic school in the 60’s and early 70’s and had to wear a blazer and tie so I learned how to tie single and double windsor knots in the first grade and since I only had two sets of “uniforms” I learned how to care for them…slacks and blazer hung up, shoes polished and with shoe trees in them every night as soon as I got home from school. Then I entered the Air Force at 17 and had daily uniform inspections, gig lines and grooming essentials were mandatory. After my discharge I went to college and rose in the ranks of student government and was four years older then my peers after my military service so I kept things tight.

I jumped from college right into business as a real estate broker and appraiser dealing with east coast bankers a good deal so I wore suits daily for the next 35 years. I moved from the east coast to the west coast in 1988 so the business casual LA scene was a bit of a culture shock I never really got past so I’m generally the most over dressed guy in any crowd but it’s never hurt me nor will it you.

10604046_10208272267791566_8822198793490418299_oHere I am with two of my West Coast mentors, Murray Mead (RIP) and Kjell O. Nelson, III. Don’t think I ever saw either of them without a suit and tie on so I followed “suit” (pun intended) That black double breasted I’ve wearing has a story. My buddies call it “The Undertaker Suit” and I’ve had it over 30 years. It’s been rolled up in a ball, puked on, peed in, been to jail, hospitals, cat houses, crack houses, casinos, bookie joints, cheap fleabag motels and a gajillion bars and restaurants. If it could talk and testify against me I’d be locked up for life!